Luck of the Irish

Two men. One choice. Zero regrets.

Nhu Hoang’s tired of putting her needs second to everyone. When her boyfriend reveals he’s still not going public about their relationship after nearly two years, she’s blindsided. She deserves better, but it’s hard letting go.

Jack can’t win. Destined to stand in his father’s shadow and continue the Smith’s political legacy, he doesn’t trust himself to do anything that could lead to disapproval. He hates hurting Nhu, but losing his father’s favor would destroy him.

Eoghan Kelly knows what he wants, and he came from Ireland to California to get it. Winning the internship isn’t a surprise, but falling for the enigmatic barista with her stack of law books is.

When Eoghan learns Nhu’s not entirely over her ex, things get complicated. When he finds out her ex is his cousin, Jack, things get messy.

Only one of them can be with Nhu. Will she make the right choice?

I loved this sweet novella! Without giving away any spoilers, I loved that Nhu ended up with the perfect guy for her. Atwood is a great writer, and I enjoyed every minute of the romance between the characters.

Haleigh, Amazon Review

Great story conflict with well developed characters. It's told from multiple points of view which are not necessarily separated by chapter so stay on your toes!


Kimberly, Amazon Review

In romances, it’s easy for dialogue to veer off into cheesy, but you don’t get that with Atina Atwood’s stories. It’s quite refreshing. Her characters are relatable and I find myself rooting for them. I’m already looking forward to the next Holiday Heartbeats story.

Mary Joy, Goodreads Review

My favorite one! I really like the characters and how the story develops. I found myself rooting for all three people, and I really like the end. I want to know more about Nhu, Eoghan and Jack.

Marylin, Goodreads Review

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