Happy New Year! Probably every person on the planet is happy to embrace the new year 2021. If you’re anything like me, you’re a bit on the cautiously optimistic side about this coming year. Still, hope is the glue that keeps motivation in motion.

You may have written an entire list of resolutions for this year, or you may have a Pinterest board full of goals you want to fulfil in 2021. This year, I’ve written only FOUR goals, but they’re big ones. I’ll share the biggest, most important goal here, because I hope it will also help you on your journey as we navigate through these incredibly stressful times: Every day, without fail, find one reason to be grateful.

Every day, without fail, find one reason to be grateful.

Every Day, Find One Reason to Be Grateful (image by G. Henderson on unsplash.com)

I often talk about gratitude (it’s kind of my thing), so for most of you, this is nothing new. But the never-ending stressors of 2020 challenged me to intensify my gratitude practice. It became an integral part of my daily self-care routine, because as the media amplifies cruelty and the harmful actions of others around the world, it takes focused willpower to remember goodness and kindness still exist.

Don’t believe me? Take a second to look in the mirror. Hopefully, you remember that YOU have something good to offer. YOU want goodness and kindness in your life, don’t you? Then, let’s do what we can to perpetuate those good and kind things.

Putting my mentality of gratitude into action last year helped me best serve my family, community, and country when they needed me most. So, I had to postpone releasing my latest Holiday Heartbeats Christmas book. Still, I’m convinced it was worth the sacrifice. Besides, it gives all of us something else to look forward to this year!

What are you looking forward to in 2021?

Sending Love & Light,

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