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Say Hello to Nhu

There have been a few times where someone’s asked me if I’m inspired by people I know in the characters I create. So far, I can confidently say not exactly. It only takes a spark – a sentence, scenario, or even just an image – to open the gateway into the world where one of my characters lives. After that, I feel to a certain extent, the characters reveal themselves to me, little by little. I just have to be in tune in with their stories in order to pick up their nuances. (Often easier said than done.)

While writing Luck of the Irish (Holiday Heartbeats #3), I’ve been introduced to three very strong characters: Nhu, Eoghan, and Jack. The more time I’ve spent with them, the more I like all of them (which is a terrible thing to do when a love triangle is involved). Their story has quickly become my favorite of the series (although Love Games still has a soft spot in my heart).

Earlier this summer, I sent an exclusive link to my mailing list subscribers with the entire first chapter of Luck of the Irish. I’m an impatient person, so I had to share some of Nhu’s awesome story before then. Likewise, I’m excited to share a quick Character Profile with you.

Vu Thi Hoang My _Nhu Hoang.png

Images of VÅ« Thi Hoàng My totally inspired my vision of Nhu’s persona.

Nhu Hoàng

Nhu is 26, originally from San Jose, California but moved to San Diego when she was 12. Marisol Aguilar (Love Games) is her best friend from law school. Nhu’s an only child who’s strong-willed, driven, and charismatic. Currently, she lives on the gorgeous Coronado Island working as a barista while she prepares for the California State Bar Exam for the 2nd time. She’s also setting up a freelance career as a Contract Analyst for those entering the modeling and performing arts industries.

Her boyfriend of nearly two years is Jack Smith, son of a presidential candidate. He’s kept their relationship a secret from his family the entire time, but he swears that he loves her. What will happen to their relationship when Nhu begins to recognize and own her self-worth?

Inspiration for Nhu

While writing Love Games, Nhu popped up as Mari’s best friend. As no-nonsense as she came across with Mari, I was surprised to see that she tolerated Jack’s chronic flippancy in their relationship. When looking into her character, I came across an image of model/actress VÅ« Thi Hoàng My. I loved how her last name was just like Nhu’s, and as time progressed, I could see a likeness in the way I envisioned Nhu’s expressions and mannerisms.

The song that STILL won’t get out of my head when I think of Nhu is Halsey’s Without Me. Honestly, it’s Nhu’s Leitmotiv and a bit of an own for Jack. Even as I write this, the intro is jammin’ away in my head. *Sigh*

In any case, I thought I’d share a little bit about one of the folks living in my head. Stay tuned for character profiles on Jack… and Eoghan. Luck of the Irish (Holiday Heartbeats #3), is now available. Haven’t read Love Games? It’s currently free in this sweet romance showcase for new mailing list subscribers.

Sending Love and Light to all of you.

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