For those of you reading this post, I want to thank you for being a part of my blogging experience. As I’ve mentioned from the start, I don’t consider myself to be a blogger per se, but a writer who blogs.

I’m three months away from celebrating my 1-year anniversary of blogging here, and in such a short span of time, I’ve learned so much. There are things that I still clearly have no clue about, like enhancing my SEO, plugging magic keywords, and upping engagement, but at least I know of them.

My purpose here has been to wade through the murky waters of a hazy dream and blindly find a way to create tangible, solid goals out of it. It feels like a relatively solitary journey most of the time, but then I remember that despite that feeling you’re here, and I thank you for that!

I now know what I want to concentrate my energies on. Because of this blog, I created my sweet-heat #HolidayHeartbeats novella series. So far, I’ve happily shared each book with my mailing list subscribers for free.

Naturally, I won’t be doing this forever. Still, feedback and encouragement are worth their weight in gold, and this has been the best way for me to show my genuine appreciation to my subscribers.

As I prepare for the release of my next book, Luck of the Irish, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my journey. I’m still Exploring Love & Life, One Word At A Time. It’s great to have you with me along the way.

Sending Love & Light,


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