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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This past weekend was where we all had a chance to celebrate being Irish – or we could just claim to be Irish for a day if desired. For whatever reason, St. Patrick’s Day is one of my Daddy’s favorite holidays (hey, I may be all grown up, but he’ll always be my Daddy <3). For precisely that reason, I wanted to really do something to make the holiday even more special to me. That’s how Luck of the Irish, the third story in my Holiday Heartbeats series, was born.


Luck of the Irish

Spoiler alert: my heroine is not Irish. Nhu is Vietnamese-American, and I have to extend a heartfelt thanks to one of my family members for helping me infuse authentic cultural insight while fleshing out her character. Please note: While Nhu’s ethnicity is clearly an integral part of who she is, know that there is no huge banner throughout the story that is demanding intense perusal and analysis of her life as a Vietnamese-American. When she first appeared in Love Games, she was Mari’s sassy best friend (don’t we just all want one of those?!). I couldn’t stop wondering what Nhu’s bar exam results were, and when I kept thinking about her, I realized that I was even more curious to find out who she is and what’s going on in her life.

It turns out that Nhu is a young woman of true grace and grit – and in Luck of the Irish, we find out that she’s also in quite a bind. Having a complicated relationship with one person is tough enough. Just imagine the headache (and possible heartache) of having to choose between two people pursuing you at the same time.

Don’t Let Love Define You

Still, what I love most about Nhu’s story is that it’s really about her self-discovery, reclaiming her power, and establishing autonomy in all things – including her love life. As a firm believer of HEA’s or HFN’s, I’m curious to see how this love triangle mess turns out because honestly, I can totally see Nhu running away from both pursuers in favor of just loving herself for a while.

Stay tuned for Luck of the Irish, available now for preorder now wherever ebooks are sold.

Sending Love and Light to all of you.

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