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The College Admissions Bribery Scandal

First of all, Happy Friday! I know that I need to start out with something positive because I’m about to throw down the gauntlet and engage in fisticuffs. (This might take a while, so grab a snack.)

At this point, I’ve made it clear enough that I’m an unashamed Academic. (With a capital “A”, as you can see. And don’t @ me because I’m an Academic who loves to use fragments and begin sentences with “And’s” and “But”s, too. But I digress…) I’m also a classically-trained vocalist who’s been on stages since the age of 5, and I understand the Game when it comes to ‘making it’ in the Performing Arts on an international scale.

So, I have to admit that this college admissions bribery scandal has really rocked me to my core. Why is that the case? Well, to put it simply (this is a blog, not a dissertation),

I just can’t see how people of such privilege would throw everything away for something as potentially useless as a college or university degree.

Yes, I said it. Potentially useless.


Sadly, These days, I’m hearing too often how many people are unable to find ways to use their legitimately, hard-earned degrees. Of course, simply the experience of going to uni is incredibly valuable, and I’m obviously a proponent of higher education for those who truly desire to pursue it. It shouldn’t be viewed as being high school, part II. There’s no guarantee that a university degree is going to open every door that you desire. College is not a magic genie, and it’s not for everyone. I do believe that everyone should have the opportunity to attend college, university, or vocational school, but that’s another talk for another time.

We all know that “people of privilege” have advantages over your average Joe or Joanne. Duh. That’s why we refer to them as being privileged. Hard working kids have been robbed of opportunities that they likely earned, which really hurts. Unfortunately, this is not that uncommon. Sure, it’s not fair and it’s a shame and yes, yes, yes, but that’s honestly not the point here. Unfair advantages occur everywhere, on the daily. In this particular scandal, though, folks allegedly outright turned to federally criminal acts. On purpose. With eyes wide open. This is no misdemeanor, ladies & gents – the FBI arrested these people, some of whom we’ve looked up to and admired since childhood.

Of course, I’m talking about Lori Loughlin here. Yes, there are dozens of other famous names floating around, but she’s the star of Hallmark fame who struck a nerve in all of us.

The Women's Cancer Research Fund hosts an Unforgettable Evening, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 27 Feb 2018


Why Are We Picking on Aunt Becky?

If you didn’t grow up with Full House on ABC, then you’ve at least heard of Fuller House on Netflix. The actress Lori Loughlin played Aunt Becky on the wholesome show and she has gained even more fame over recent years by being a staple on the Hallmark Channel. Her face became ubiquitous with the ideal of a woman who started with humble roots and steadfastly rose to a comfortable level of fame, all the while maintaining poise and humility.

When news broke that she had allegedly engaged in felonious activities – not once, but twice – fans were shocked to face the apparent fact that irl Lori Loughlin may be very different from her cultivated persona. Her roles encouraged us to put her on a pedestal, and like most of us would, she happily stood upon it. Now, in a matter of days, her hard-earned career and brand is in shambles and at least one daughter who didn’t even want to go to college is watching her real dream career crumble as well. Hallmark has severed ties with the actress and pulled all works that include Loughlin off the air. As a result, innocent actors who have worked with her on Hallmark shows and films won’t see any more residuals for their work, and other jobs may be lost. Now, that’s a real scandal in and of itself.

All because these parents allegedly actively chose to break the law – more than once – to satisfy their egos. This goes beyond a simple “oops, I made a mistake” level of wrong-doing. This was premeditated, and worst of all, it was under the guise of making charitable contributions to help underprivileged kids get into schools. It’s so sad, nasty, and pointless to me.

Let’s face it – we REALLY want to have role models. I mean, we’re desperate for them. Those of us who reach out via social media also want to fill that role for someone. That’s fine. But let me tell you right now, I’m gloriously flawed, and I walk in faith. I’m far from being a goody-two-shoes, and I love a descriptive open-door romance. At least 3 times a day I have to use my watch to find my phone. I also forget what I’m talking about midsentence numerous times a day. Too many to count, really.


Just remember that as you’re building your brand, hold on to those elements of imperfection, the tattered parts of you that keep you tethered to the ground. Don’t be afraid to remind others that you’re honestly working hard to get where you want to be, and you’ll cheer them on as they do the same. Carefully select the high pedestals you aspire to ascend – because the fall from grace is swift and merciless.

Rant over.

Sending Love and Light to all of you.

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– Atina Atwood is a southern girl who moved from Europe to the West Coast. A former university professor in Germany and California, Atina stepped away from Academia to focus on her miracle child, life, love, food, quilting, and of course, Romance. Follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for more, and sign up for Atina’s newsletter here.


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