This is What Romance Looks Like

Happy Friday, everyone!

I’ve been happily typing away on my latest work in progress (or WIP for those of you who know the struggle), and this week has just flooded me with real inspiration. I’m not a big follower of the Royals, but I like appealing, happy couples when I see them. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan definitely fit the bill! Don’t believe me? Check out these photos…

These two could easily be in a scene in the musical Singing in the Rain. They look so happy! (Google)
Check out that expression of concern on the Prince’s face, and her reassuring smile in response. He’s got two darlings to watch out for now!
Cynics may want to remind us that Meghan is a former actress, but not even the best of them can pop a gaze of love and pure adoration like this one. (Google)

Sending Love and Light to all of you.

©Atina Atwood 2018 Exploring Love and Life, One Word At A Time.™

– Atina Atwood is a southern girl who moved from Europe to the West Coast. A former university professor in Germany and California, Atina stepped away from Academia to focus on her miracle child, life, love, food, quilting, and of course, Romance. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for more.


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Atina Atwood, Author

I write contemporary Romance that often centers around our most joyous occasions – holidays – and the stories tend to have a “clean and wholesome” feel. My books have multicultural main characters that are strong-willed and purpose-driven, and there is always a happily-ever-after (HEA). The stories vary in heat-level, from sweet NA first-love romantic stories to contemporary romances with a dash of suspense and tastefully heated, sensual moments.

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