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Are a special kind of hell.

It’s like they know that no matter what tv channel you’re watching, they will find you. And the worst part is that even if you mute the commercial, it’s still going to play along in your head – word for word, note for note.

They show you no mercy.

Even when I went on an errand this morning, I found myself happily humming to “… I have an annuity, but I need cash now…”. I HADN’T EVEN BEEN WATCHING TV. FFS.

Honestly, if they were to put as much effort into making a song that promotes world peace or encourages general acts of kindness and consideration, and if they played it as often as they play their painfully memorable jingles, the world would definitely be a better place.

2 thoughts on “J. G. Wentworth Commercials…

  1. Elsie masciel says:

    I hate those JGWentworth commercials…. and why is every commercial they have are of people singing …??. Every commercial… they really need to change up cuz they are very annoying…!!!

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    1. Atina Atwood says:

      I feel your pain, Elsie. It’s definitely a model that they’ve been following for YEARS. I doubt that they’ll be merciful at this point!


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