“Thoughts and Prayers”

There’s a time and a place to feel confident about how you express yourself, and then there’s a time to embrace doubt. I think that my time to doubt how I should be expressing myself on pressing subjects is today. It’s not a matter of finding the right words; even the most bumbling celebrities or politicians are able to maneuver their ways through uncomfortable conversations (whether or not they do it successfully is subjective). Today, though, I just question the real power of our words, and the POSITIVE impact that they can make on us collectively. So, full disclosure: this a VENT, a RANT, and has elements of bossy preachiness. But writing this is more of a cathartic process, and I’ve followed my own advice to the best of my ability. Hopefully, I’ll be able to concentrate on happier subjects next week, but I need to get this off of my chest.

As much as we seek and crave escapism (and obviously, as an author, I am a proponent of this), far too many people are leaning heavily on the intricate fabricated lives and worlds of superheroes, lavish ladies, or impeccably handsome billionaire singles to whisk them away from reality. Our real-world problems are getting larger and more brutal – thanks to both nature and humans. Instead of focusing efforts on and bringing attention to the acute needs of real people on Planet Earth (i.e. clean water, food, and medical supplies for victims in Mexico and Puerto Rico and continued support for families in Florida and Texas), many of us are being persuaded to buy the latest generations of iPhones for around $1,000 or more – when our current phone is perfectly fine; or we spend our free time binge-watching whatever, thereby becoming even more disassociated with what’s happening in our world. When is enough enough?

It annoys me to feel the need to clarify that this isn’t a “political post”. This is a post about humanity. If you haven’t got money to spare to help anyone in need (not limited to the above-mentioned; I know that the “world” extends beyond North America and Central America), then please take the time to truly send out some positive vibes to humanity. I know that it’s become a “thing” to mock or even feel offended by those who say that they’re sending “thoughts and prayers” to people who are hurting (like to everyone tragically affected in Las Vegas). To a certain extent, I can certainly understand why. For many, it has become a cliché. For others though, it may not be.

Even if the words seem futile and trite, let those people who believe in their worth hold onto some sibilance of hope and faith. If thoughts and prayers mean nothing to you, then that’s your thing. Be a person of action and dig deep into your pockets and give cash, and/or roll up your sleeves and get to work helping in whatever way you can. For those who are thinking and praying, when you’re finished, get up off of your knees, tithe the best way you can, and help your neighbors world-wide. Regardless of your beliefs or opinions, reach out to others in the real world in a positive way. Offer a smile, or simply say hello to someone passing your way. These are two small ways to reconnect with real people who may feel just as lonely and scared as you might be feeling. Positive communication is the key. If you’ve read this far, then thank you, and much love.

Rant over.


Published by

Atina Atwood, Author

I write contemporary Romance that often centers around our most joyous occasions – holidays – and the stories tend to have a “clean and wholesome” feel. My books have multicultural main characters that are strong-willed and purpose-driven, and there is always a happily-ever-after (HEA). The stories vary in heat-level, from sweet NA first-love romantic stories to contemporary romances with a dash of suspense and tastefully heated, sensual moments.

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