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These days, it's most important to be super active in social media. Despite being a Millennial, I am SO OLD-SCHOOL; it's a shame. Honestly, I'm an old soul. I adore and studied classical music and theatre, and I love a good book more than chocolate. (Now you know that's true love). I've been encouraged to write professionally since my late teen years, but the call to the stage superceeded. At this point in my life, though, I know that it's time to put pen to paper – and it's a fantastic feeling.

But then, there's this huge monster, called "Social Media", and we have to channel so much of our creative energy in its direction in order to showcase our other inner treasures. It demands much of your attention, and if you have time for your other offerings, then congratulations. But more and more, it feels as though I should be seeking more "likes" than new characters…

I'm not saying that I have a huge problem with social media – clearly, I'm a fan and a greedy consumer. But I do miss the romanticism of sitting down in a quiet place, simply writing, and focusing on letting my stories tell themselves. But without social media, who would I be telling my stories to?

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Author, dreamer, mother, wife, sister, daughter, Believer, romantic, instructor, researcher, performer, friend, reader, underutilized philanthrope (my own fault - I'm working on it), discoverer, educator, Foodie, holistic, sentimental, human.

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