Atina Atwood

Exploring Love and Life, One Word At A Time.™

So, now that I've finally walked away from a very trying period in my professional life, I am given some miraculous vacation time to recouperate. Seriously, this must be what winning the lottery feels like, because I wake up each morning totally blissed out. 

Even though it's awesome in so many ways, in terms of productivity, I totally feel the inspirational "slump".  I'm certain that you know what I'm talking about; it's when you still have a mile-long To Do list, but when you have the opportunity to just sit and Do Nothing, then you totally take that option. That's well and good, but I still have deadlines to meet, chapters to write, *ahem* plots to develop. 

Despite knowing all of this and being aware that as each day that passes, that means my list is getting longer and time is getting shorter, my brain is DEMANDING that I chill the hell out before creating anything else. 

It's amazing how the body will force you to take care of yourself. Thanks, Mother Nature!

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