Holiday Heartbeats Series

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My favorite one! I really like the characters and how the story develops. I found myself rooting for all three people, and I really like the end. I want to know more about Nhu, Eoghan and Jack. – Marylin, Goodreads Review

My favorite one so far. I liked Nhu, Jack & Eoghan and the plot has some nice surprises. Really great story. I’m usually not a fan of love triangles, but this one really worked for me. – Gordon S., Amazon Review

The story has great conflict and pace. The characters are well-developed. The multiple points of view within same chapter is non-traditional but not too confusing if you stay on your toes! – Kimberly H., Amazon Review



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If you like romance and a book you can’t put down, this is a perfect choice.        ~ Goodreads Review

It is a great read with great characters, well written and fast moving. It put me in a good mood reading, and I can recommend it 100% – Goodreads Review

His Epiphany
(Holiday Heartbeats #1)


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Lovely introductory story for a Christmas series of romantic stories. This was a Very quick read and I am ready to start the next one. Save this one for the holiday season! – JanR, Amazon Review

This is a well written story, perfect for curling up on the couch with a coffee on a rainy afternoon. It’s got great balance and well-rounded characters, and I look forward to book 2. Well worth the price. – Joy W., Amazon Review

It is a quick read that will certainly put you into a good mood. Looking forward to reading more! – T., Goodreads Review

 Playing Cupid
(Free Holiday Heartbeats Short Story)